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Another accepted story, and I get to share this one! – Zahra Owens' Wide Open Spaces

Another accepted story, and I get to share this one!


This weekend I co-signed a contract to publish a sci-fi novella @dreamspinnerpress. For once I didn’t write it alone, but was very eloquently aided by Stuart Wakefield.

This is what it’s about:

When Everett, a low-level diplomat on a distant, human outpost, helps evacuate a crashed freighter, he encounters a strange humanoid creature.

Despite his best efforts to communicate with the being, it isn’t until at night, when the creature finds its way into Everett’s locked bedroom, they are able to communicate during a dream-like adventure. The creature calls himself Isali and reveals that he’s on the run from his nemesis.

As the stakes are raised, so is the intimacy between them, and Everett finally discovers his true destiny.

Does it sound good? I think you’ll agree that Stuart and I complement each other nicely, but you’ll have to be patient. The novella will be out in either February or March 2012.


  1. It’s painless, but to give you the full experience, I’ll let you review the edits :-p
    I’m quite used to doing it this way and DSP is pretty good at letting the writer have the final word.

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