First review for Happiness For Beginners

Tom Webb most graciously reviewed my Christmas story on Goodreads and his own blog and I loved that he understood that Christmas isn’t the time to be Merry for everyone, including my two characters of Happiness for Beginners, but I’m also glad he made it clear that it’s not a bittersweet story. My men do get their HFN and possibly their HEA.

This sweet, touching, emotionally honest and oh so very effective story of unrequited love and secrets is just terrific. From the very first page, Zahra Owens had me fully engaged and curious. Was this going to be a gay for you story, or a I was secretly in love with you too, or a bittersweet no thanks tale? And, to my surprise and relief, it was none of them and all of them and something so unexpected.

Happiness for Beginners is an 80-page novella, available from Dreamspinner Press.

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