It Gets Better and why this never gets old

I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir when I say that there’s no such thing as too much support for our kids/teenagers.

Kids are incredibly cruel and bullying seems to be the local sport at absolutely every school these days.

But was it so different when we were in high school?

30 years ago, I barely survived middle school. Even then, any excuse was good enough to be thrown at the mercy of the bullies. And even then, teachers looked the other way.

Maybe this is why, when Dan Savage and Terry Miller posted the first It Gets Better video, it made such an impact on me, it spawned a story: You Can’t Choose Your Family

Did it end there? No way!

On January 11th, with your help, I’m going to support this project. $1,20 dollars will be donated for every single copy sold of You Can Choose Your Friends, the prequel to You Can’t Choose Your Family. This is what I would make from this story, but now it’s going to This is my pledge. Help me keep it, big time!

Watch this space for the countdown and Be The Change.

days to go!

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