What was your It Gets Better moment?

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But I have a question for you. What was your It Gets Better moment?

To get you started, I’ll tell you mine.

It was the moment I realized that I would change things about my own life. The moment I knew that maybe I didn’t have power over my entire life, but I could change little aspects about it to make it better for myself. And nobody but me could do those things. I was the only person who knew what to do and how to do it.

Until this day, I make changes to my life every now and then (little things like getting fake nails to stop biting them) and every time I’m amazed at the enormous impact some of these minute changes have (I never considered myself to have beautiful hands and I always hid them. I don’t anymore! Now my hands give me confidence.)

So now it’s up to you. What made you think that your life was worth living?

( days to go!)

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