Why I like going to the U.S.

I’ve spent almost three weeks in the US and just came home this morning.
I miss it already.

Why? Let me make a list.
* cars that drive themselves: I’ve always driven a stick shift and never wanted to change, but for the third year in a row, I’ve driven an automatic and they’re getting so much better! I love the cars in the US.
* On that same note: US drivers are much more courteous than European ones. I realize that may not be universally so, but I’d love it if an American who has driven in the North/Middle of Europe could corroborate this.
* 5 dollar jeans. Seriously. I don’t fit in the ‘ordinary’ sizes and where I come from anything out of the ordinary costs big time. My favorite jeans here cost me more than $100. Seriously.
* service in stores. Yes, in the US it drives me bonkers that if you walk into a store they won’t let you just browse, but on the other hand, if you need help finding something, they almost trip over each other to point you in the right direction. And they know where to find it! At home you will find a girl standing behind the cash register. To ask something you need to get in line with the people paying and then you need to be pretty lucky to catch one who knows where everything is. Now that really drives me up the wall!
* I repeat: $5 jeans! That fit my weird body perfectly!
* Supermarkets and other stores that are open past 8 pm and before 9 am. I’m a night raven, so by the time I think of doing groceries, all the stores are closed near me. I like going to the supermarket at 11 pm. So sue me.
* I love all the space. We live so crammed up that I love the vistas and wide avenues. This is the same inside stores with wide aisles etc!

Why I couldn’t live in the US:
* health care: Any country where you have to think whether you have the money this month to visit your family doctor because you’re not feeling well (for whatever reason) should rethink what they’re doing to their citizens. Don’t get me wrong. My family doctor hasn’t seen me in almost two years, so it’s not like I’m knocking down her door, but money should not be an object in your health. The same goes for emergency care/surgery of any kind. So that’s a breaking point for me.
* along the same track: still getting paid when you’re not working because you are sick. I love that if you have the flu, you can stay home to recuperate for a few days and still get paid instead of having to go in to work and infect everyone else.
* job security. Where I live there are all sort of rules why they can’t fire you because they don’t like you face. This is as long as you do your job of course. Also, if they do fire you, they still need to pay you for a long time. Somehow, as a single girl, I need that security.

So I think I’ll stay put for a while, and just save my pennies to fly to the US every year.
But seriously: $5 jeans???

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