Gale says It Gets Better in his own way

Everyone who’s ever received an email from me knows I’m a Gale Harold fan, since I have one of his one-liners as a quote in my email signature.
I resisted Queer as Folk US as long as I could, but once I stopped resisting, well, Gale Harold stole my heart.
He’s not always easy to love. His often misunderstood sense of humor doesn’t always make him popular among the masses, but one thing you need to admit is that he has his heart in the right place.
At a recent AfterElton Hot 100 party, he recorded an It Gets Better video. So there. Now we have something in common!
Of course he does it in his own special way.
A talk about remembering who your heroes are and why it’s important to know this.

Do I need to add the glasses really do it for me? I’m such a geek.

And thank you to the Italian Gale Harold site for posting the link

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