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About Zahra – Zahra Owens' Wide Open Spaces

About Zahra

Zahra Owens is a multi-lingual globetrotter who loves big cities, but also has a weak spot for the wide-open spaces that are so rare where she lives.

She likes her men every which way they come, and never tries to change them. Men who are tough on the outside but have a huge soft center get extra credit, though, as do the strong, silent types who think they hide their damage well…but don’t. She makes it her personal goal to find them their happy-ever-after, even if the road toward this leads via hospital beds, villas with gorgeous vistas or ranges full of horses.

Zahra is a proud member of the Rainbow Romance Writers, a special interest chapter of the Romance Writers of America, and won’t quit until m/m romances are treated like every other romance story. RWA allowed her into their Professional Author’s Network, but she hasn’t quit her day job yet, since it allows her to work in a man’s world. And what girl can resist that?

If Zahra had her wish, a day would have at least 36 hours, because how else would she find the time to finish all the novels still inside her head?

Dreamspinner Press has been kind enough these last four years to publish most of my work. Please click their banner and check out my work and the work of my fellow writers. Your support is much appreciated!


  1. We just finished Floods and Drought. So much enjoyed the character development in this latest sequel. Wow, was seriously turning pages there for awhile. Laughed out loud a lot, eyes filled up a lot, kinda got pissed at a couple of characters, a lot!…but Zahra, the story captivated me. Thanks for casting mature, gay characters.

    Have you considered possibly a future novel, with a new or different backstory? Maybe an older period piece or something of the sort?

    Thank you for sharing your stories with us, Aquarian…from a devoted Scorpio and Pisces, lol!

  2. Hi Gary and Rowell,

    So glad you like my mature men. I guess it comes as no surprise that I like my men with some mileage on them too.
    My next novel won’t be cowboys, but after that, yes, more tough men with a soft center!
    I’m not good with period pieces. I must admit the research (and chances of getting things wrong) is too daunting, but I never say never!

    Thank you for the lovely feedback. It sure warms a girl’s heart!

  3. Hi Zahra,

    I just saw your book “Moon and Stars”. I want to write a post about it on website. Please reply me if You want me to go ahead and write about it.

    Thank you

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