Jonas Hunter is a high-class body for hire with a small, exclusive, mostly male clientèle who pay big bucks for his undivided time and attention. Discretion is Jonas’s middle name – he can play his role to the hilt for the client’s benefit and at the same time disappear seamlessly into a crowd, safely anonymous.

He’s persuaded to take on a new client who is everything he despises in a man: the effeminate, tantrum-throwing, attention-seeking bad boy of Paris haute couture named Nicky Bryant. Nicky’s shows are outrageous and always good for a front cover, and his appearance never fails to turn heads. But Jonas soon learns Nicky is a carefully maintained façade himself.

As a fiery attraction grows, Jonas and Nicky have to find a way to walk the tightrope between their public and private personas. They’ll need to learn to love and trust each other around the other people in their lives if they’re going to share their hearts.

Novel is available at Dreamspinner Press



  1. This is BY FAR my favorite novel EVER!!!!! Read if you are open-minded and drawn to super intelligent stories and characters’ dialogues. Warning: best. Sex. Scenes. Period.

  2. As someone who loved ‘Diplomacy’, I am eager to buy and read this! Owens does her research and as a big lover of the arts… I am genuinely excited by the prospect of buying this!

    Well… this fanboy needs to get his kindle asap and start reading!

    1. Yes you do!
      Façade is a very different story from Diplomacy, though. It’s Erotica with a Happy Ending.
      And yes, get an e-reader. Doesn’t have to be a Kindle. I read on my iPad.

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