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A little back story: Matt is an ex-Marine turned deep undercover FBI agent, who has been living with a New York mafia family for six years. One night he is picked up off the street by a man who moves in the higher ranks of the Family. Nick Castro stands out since he’s heavily tattooed and likes wearing ostentatious jewelry. Nick seduced Matt into switching jobs to work for the second in command of the Family and Matt is let in on a secret. Nick is even deeper undercover than him, and for the same outfit. Together they bring down the Family and against all odds, are enrolled into the Witness Protection Program together.


I’m still buttoning my shirt when the door of the van is thrown shut and we’re shrouded in darkness. It’s hot and sticky, although it’s the early hours of the morning instead of midday, and the sweat is making my chafed skin burn. We’re on the floor of an unmarked utility van without windows, and our only comfort is the mattress they considerately threw on the floor before depositing us on top of it.

Nick is behind me and we’re not talking. This is the fifth time we’ve been moved around with no notice because someone took a recognizable picture of us, and although we’re both sick and tired of running, we know this is our only chance to stay together. Officially we’ve been dead for close to eighteen months, but I’ve never felt more alive than since Nick told me he’d moved heaven and earth to be with me. Nick feels tense behind me and I put my hand on his knee to soothe him.

We were just starting to feel safe after three and a half months in the same place. Nick’s hair is long now and mine’s cropped ultra-short. I’m clean-shaven, which still feels naked, but I’m afraid our disguises are going to have to become more drastic this time.

As if he’s reading my mind, Nick whispers, “As long as they know I’m not dyeing my hair blond this time.”

I chuckle. “You’d do it for me.”

Nick kisses my hair. “We were just settling down too. Were we being careless?”

“No.” I don’t think so. We worked nights in the local bottling plant. Manual labor and night shift are only just deemed safe enough for us. Divulging that we only occupied one bedroom of the two-bedroom apartment we rented with cash is out of the question. We’re used to having no more personal items than we can stuff in one bag.

We were invaded by the Rangers on our night off. I smile at the memory of what we were doing when they practically knocked our door off its hinges. Nick was on the phone with Neal, our contact, within seconds and I was still tied up. Literally. The chafed skin is a reminder of just how safe we’d felt to indulge in a little rope play. Nick had tied me up like a trussed chicken and was fucking the stuffing out of me. As it played out, neither of us got off and Nick had to cut the ropes off me to avoid my being put on display for the Marshals that were sent to pick us up.

Now we’re in the back of the van and the frantic pace of the driving has slowed.

“Think we’re on the highway already?”

“Feels like it,” Nick replies.

I let my hand wander to Nick’s crotch. When he doesn’t swat me away I insert it into the baggy sweatpants he’s thrown on. “Mmmh, going commando?”

“Seemed appropriate,” Nick replies with his usual aplomb. “Didn’t have time for more. Not with you laid out like that and the Marshals breathing down our necks.” I can tell the memories are arousing him. My hand encounters flesh that grows heavier with every moment I touch him. “Matteo,” he groans, but I don’t stop. Instead I insert my other hand into my own pants. As long as we don’t get undressed we’ll have time to straighten our clothes once the van stops, but for now, the asphalt is humming underneath us and we feel relatively safe from discovery.

“Say it again,” I murmur.

“Matteo,” Nick says in his sexiest bedroom voice before pulling my head back into a kiss. It doesn’t take much for me to make Nick come, and I follow close behind. The adrenaline is still rushing through our veins and we know we’ll be dropped off in some remote place again, probably by nightfall the next evening. As long as Neal keeps his word and allows us to stay together, we are beyond caring.


This story is a follow-up to a story written for the Goodreads m/m Romance group during their Hot Summer Madness. For now it’s only available there, but who knows…

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