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Coming Soon – Zahra Owens' Wide Open Spaces

Coming Soon

UPDATE: I’ve decided to focus on my wheelchair guy story because it works better for me right now than another Cowboy story. Sorry to all my lovely, extremely patient readers!
It does look like it might be three stories, not just one…




  1. Thanks so much for the Floods and Drought book. I love the whole series. I hope you will write another, as I feel like Tim and Rory, as well as Hunter and Grants lives are just beginning. What incredible characters. Please give us another! I’m a huge fan, so thanks again.

  2. Hi Stephen,

    I’m definitely planning another cowboy novel that should tie up some loose ends left and right. Hunter and Grant will definitely make another appearance, as will Flynn and Gable and Tim and Rory. The next novel will play around a new couple, though (Sheriff Kelly Freed and ranch hand Cooper Nelson), but they have many interactions with the other men in the earlier novels.
    Thank you for the lovely feedback!

    1. The general outline for the next cowboy novel is on this page. Since I still need to write it, everything might still change!
      Glad you liked the other ones!

  3. I have adored your clouds and rain series and cannot wait to see the next part
    so looking forward to kelly and coopers story
    and to see the other amazing characters again
    Hope it will be published and released soon!

  4. Can’t wait to read the next book in your cowboy series, definitely one of my favs. I really enjoyed Rory & Tim’s story, my heart broke for Rory and all he went through in his life, but in the end he got what he deserved, the love of someone amazing, Tim, who looked beyond the surface and saw the good that was there waiting to come out and believed in him. I look forward to reading more about this amazing group of characters you have created. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. Thank you for telling me how much you like them! Don’t we all want someone in our lives who looks beyond the surface? I could certainly use a Tim in mine!

  5. I read the 3 books of the Clouds and Rain series, and found them to be quite enthralling. The couples focused on in each book were quite unique. You truly have created a little universe that I would feel priveleged to visit one more time, so I deeply hope that “Moon and Stars” happens.

    1. Moon and Stars will definitely happen, although it might be marginally different from the outline (I knew I shouldn’t have outlined this story!)
      And who knows? I think there’s an idea for a fifth installment as well (now I’ve probably jinxed it)

      1. Zahra,
        I am also waiting for the next installment in the Clouds and Rain series. I like the Moon & Stars name and also, I think it’s a good idea to look forward as you think about how the next book will develop. Thanks for great reads!

        1. Sorry it’s taking this long. I’m trying to get it finished within the next week of two and then, publisher permitting, it will be let loose on the world somewhere in the fall. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

  6. So do you have a rough idea now as to when #4 Moon & Stars will be released to buy? And when you might give is an updated outline of the story?

    1. Glad you liked the series!
      I’m still writing the fourth installment and it looks like there might be a fifth too, but one thing at a time.
      It’s a difficult story to write, but I hope to finish it within the next few weeks! Then it’s the long haul before it gets published of course…
      Thanks for your interest!

  7. I’m getting ready to reread the first three books(Clouds and Rain), so I am hoping your next book in this series will be ready soon … I really love these books and each couple seem to steel a little part of my heart – and I know when I pick up your next book, you will remind me once again, just why I enjoy this series…Thanks for sharing your writing talent and giving me the chance to experience it….

    1. Hi Joanne,

      Thank you for the kind words and the encouragement.
      Writing in general has been a real struggle for me this past year, but I’m slowly finding the joy again. Yes, I’m writing the next installment in the Clouds and Rain universe and I’m sure you’ll love these guys too.

  8. Love the three books. You rounded out their worlds so well that I just didn’t want each book to end. So please give us another glimpse into their lives. I look forward to meeting you at GRL. I worry that I am going to make a fool of myself when I meet you when I get nervous I talk really fast and talk in sound bits I get lots of weird looks! Kathie

    1. So glad you like them. Moon and Stars is finished, but the publisher still has to accept it. Fingers crossed!
      Don’t worry about walking up to me at GRL. I know exactly how you feel. I made a fool of myself with Rick R Reed last year. At least he remembers me!
      We all fangirl our favorite authors and most authors in the m/m world are pretty cool with that.

  9. After reading the first three books for the second time, I came to your website with the hope of finding you have written another book in the series. A nice surprise to learn the you have in fact written the next book, and I will not have to wait a year for it to be out.

    As I was finishing Floods and Drought tonight, I thought of what characters in this book could be the main characters in another book Looking forward to learning who that is.

    1. Thanks for letting me know you’re looking forward to the next book!
      I think there will be one more in this series and then all the loose ends will be tied up…

    1. Sorry I’m really late with this one, but it will be at least another year, I’m afraid. It’s nowhere near written yet and even after it’s submitted to the publisher it will still take 6 to 9 months before it’s released.

      1. I just finished re-reading all 4 of the cowboy books and came to our website hoping to see there was another one ready to go. Suppose I’ll just have to wait :(. Can you tell us who it is about? Will it be about Ryan and Kaye or someone else?

  10. Well, gosh! Now I will have to buy that anthology, too. I LOVED the first story. The melancholy feeling at the beginning was palpable.

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