Clouds and Rain

Flynn Tomlinson has drifted for several years, working odd jobs when he needs the money and moving on when he doesn’t. He’s content with his freestyle life, not tied down, not responsible for anyone but himself. Then he comes across a Help Wanted ad in a post office in Idaho and meets Gable Sutton. Gable can’t pay Flynn until he sells his horses, but a serious accident has left him unable to work his ranch alone.

Working with horses beats stacking shelves at the supermarket, and so Flynn agrees to Gable’s terms. What Flynn doesn’t bargain for is being captivated by this gentle, lonely man who captures his heart and moves Flynn to take on an incredible burden: saving Gable’s ranch.

Novel is available at Dreamspinner Press

Clouds and Rain

When Clouds and Rain was voted book of the week at Whipped Cream Reviews I received this book video.
Thank you, GodessfishLLC


Dark Divas Reviews
Dark Divas Reviews

Clouds and Rain has its share of tearjerkers and Ms. Owens wrote those well. Each man shows his emotion, but none feels forced or wimpy. They’re just strong men who go through some major hurdles in order to get to their happily ever after.


  1. I loved hanging around the ranch with these two guys. I’m so happy there are two more novels in the stream waiting for me to join them. I got to feeling the characters were buddies whom I knew well. Zahra has a good feeling for this genre. 🙂

  2. Hello, here is french reader (sorry for any mistakes)

    I spent the last two days reading (in french version unfortunately, I prefer the original words when I can read the language) this really nice book.
    What I liked most was the variety of subjects mentioned : paternity, desease, farm living, horses, youth, old age, friendship, betrayal, forgiveness, work, etc…
    And most of all, I appreciated the reality and the complexity of the characters and the situations. I think I prefered Gage because of his harshness, his silence and his will. But Flynn was really funny and adorable too. I mus confess I really can’t bear Grant, even after of the explanations on him, I think I just find him unsympathetic. However, I am very curious about Hunter and his ranch. Could be great reading the story of his youth or his relationship with Grant or the discover or the acceptance of his homosexuality.

    Thanks form France


    1. Bonjour Julie,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. As you can tell, Gable and Flynn are very dear to my heart.
      I hope that when you get to read Earth and Sky you’ll find some love for Grant too. He’s not a bad person, but he was between a rock and a hard place and he made some bad decisions in Gable’s eyes. I suppose if you don’t like him after Clouds and Rain, I did my job 😉 but I hope the next book will let you see there are two sides to every story.

      Thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the book.

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