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Release day! – Zahra Owens' Wide Open Spaces

Release day!

So here we are. Moon and Stars sees the light of day today and although this is Novel #7 for me, it doesn’t get old.
I’m still nervous and excited!

I will be here and there, doing a miniature blog tour of sorts.
You can find me:
Zahra Owens - Moon and Stars


  1. Hello, I just started reading moon and stars and was somewhat surprised and a bit taken aback by the character names and setting as my mothers family name is Kelly and many of them live in St Anthony. I’m just curious how you decided on these particular names etc. btw I am enjoying your book 😉

    1. Hi Brian!
      I now live in fear. Have you ever been to St-Anthony? I’ll be very upfront and say I’ve never been there!
      A good friend of mine is from Idaho and she showed me pictures from around there and told me about the terrain and the weather. I picked the town name from the map…. So it’s all fiction except for the town name!
      As far as the name Kelly ogoes: if you go through my character list you get Grant, Gable, Flynn, Hunter, Cooper and you can see why Kelly fits the bill (think old Hollywood). Even Bill Haines is a name that fits if you read up on (presumed) closeted movie stars from the golden days.
      Does that answer your questions?
      Glad you’re enjoying it! Have you read any of the others?

  2. Yes! It does answer my questions. You struck it rich using the name Kelly for St. Anthony. Lol
    I am very familiar with the area as my mother lives in the city next to St Anthony. Her mother is a Kelly. It’s the custom when marrying outside the family name to name your first born Kelly. Hence I have an uncle Kelly and cousins named Kelly. Not to mention many 2nd cousins with the last name Kelly. You’ll find them all through out eastern Idaho. This coincidence really made my day!

    1. And you made my day telling me about this. I might have to use your story one day when I talk about this book. Can I do that? I won’t mention your name, of course.

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