Give me a dragon anytime – or how I confronted my worst fear

To cut a long story short, I paid a photographer to take my picture.
Who literally runs when someone picks up a camera.
Who volunteers to take pictures at parties so she’s not confronted with her own image on screen.
Me, the camera-phobic, had portraits done.

Well, there’s no turning back now!


Yes, these pictures are photoshopped.
In real life I’m a 19-year-old size zero fashion model.

The photographer BTW, is David Van Oost


  1. Congratulations on conquering the camera-phobia! (from someone who indulges in it to the full). I think your intelligence and amiability jump out of those photos, photoshopped or not. Yes, really!

    For your next set, you need a gimmick. Maybe a little doll of Freud in red and blue? 🙂

  2. You look lovely, very lovely. You have a nice smile, I love your glasses. I can never find glasses I like, I have to wear mine all the time. I can’t wear contacts.

    Congratulations on conquering your phobia!


    1. Thank you! Like you I can’t wear contacts, and finding the right glasses is hard! I sympathise! Had to drive all the way to Holland to find these 😉
      I’m still not over my phobia and receiving these I realize I want some spontaneous ones too.

    1. Thank you. I tried to do something different, but if it had been just the photographer, the top row was all that would have happened! I only got these 4 photos from him, so I’m glad he got me both sets!

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