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Believing in Love – by B.G. Thomas – Zahra Owens' Wide Open Spaces

Believing in Love – by B.G. Thomas

I met B.G.Thomas at the incredibly chaotic Rainbow Book Fair in New York City and got a chance to talk to him a little bit at the Dreamspinner Press Workshop. He’s funny and so very kind and open-hearted, I’m not surprised he’s a romantic. His story made me cry a little (because we’ve all been there), but also gave me the warm fuzzies. I’m looking forward to reading his book to recapture that warm, cuddly feeling!

It’s out today! Check out the links below and please comment to make him feel welcome.

Believing in Love

Taking the plungeIt took me a long time to come out. I was afraid and naive and sure that God hated me for being gay.
This is not about all that. It’s been written by many other gay people, about how they got over that “God” fear. I know now I was “born this way,” and am happy about it. I wouldn’t be anything other than what I am.

I will tell you that I almost stopped believing in love. A year or two after coming out, I found the man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I had dated a series of Mr. Wrongs and settled for a few Mr. Right Nows. Then I met “D.”

Oh, happy day! Or so I thought. For many reasons, and not all of them his, after a decade our relationship fell apart. It was pretty bad. My ex was a cheater. A big time cheater. He had pretty much crushed my spirit and my belief in love. And I truly thought that was it. “D” was my chance at great love and Happily Ever After. With him out of my life, it meant a cardboard box in an alley. Yes, dramatic I know, but hey. I’m a gay man!

Then “R” and I met at a science fiction convention and it was pretty much love at first sight. He found out that I had broken up with my long term partner and drove a long way to come meet me. When I asked him why he’d never made a move on me before, he told me he didn’t play things that way. I was with someone and he respected that.

It just about brought me to tears. That is a man out of romance books. Did a man like that really exist?
Whatever I might say or not say about my ex these days, he took one look at “R”, watched him watch me, and turned to me and said, “If someone was looking at me the way he is looking at you, I would go for it. You’d be a fool not to.”

I followed his advice and “R” and I had a sweet romantic wonderful time. Don’t tell anyone, but he cried when he had to leave the con and go home, back to the little town he lived in at the time, almost three hours away.

You know what? He came to visit me nearly every single weekend for over a year until he finally moved in with me. He was and is my white knight and helped me believe in love again. He is a great inspiration in my writing today. He even gave me the idea for one of my very favorite stories, “All Snug.” He doesn’t really read my stuff (I hear that over and over from writers!), but he gave me that idea and I dearly love the story.

He rescues me every day. “R” helped me discover that I was still a romantic. That my soul hadn’t been crushed after all. That I still looked forward to each new day. And that I could see the Divine in every person, even my ex.

I don’t know what I would do without “R.” He also does WAY more than his share of things so that I can write when I am not working my grueling “real life” job. Thanks to him, my new story, and my first novel now exists.

Cover for All Alone In a Sea Of Romance by B.G.Thomas
All Alone In a Sea Of Romance by B.G.Thomas
“All Alone in a Sea of Love,” has a release date of October 5th and I am excited beyond words.
It’s different than what I usually write — it’s a romantic comedy and a comedy of errors. It is about a real life kind of guy, a bearish man named Jude, who writes and works for a MM small press. He and his best friend and co-writer head off to a huge romance book convention to sell and promote their company, New Visions.

Immediately Jude’s hormones (and his settling for a Mr. Right Now—I wouldn’t know anything about that) gets him into trouble. He tricks with a gorgeous cover model that his little head refuses to let get away. Problem? There is a crazy person loose at the con who hates gay people and will stop at nothing to remove their kind of love from a convention that they think should only promote good clean hetero values.

If it sounds scary or serious, it isn’t. Not really. Well, a touch maybe. What the book is mostly about is good clean silly crazy hijinks and lots of fun. People who’ve read it laugh out loud and oh that makes me happy. And yes, just like me—when Jude begins to believe he will never find love, he finally does. With a man he considers the most unlikely candidate of all.

And isn’t that what finding your true love is usually like?

Drawn from lots of research, real writers, real publishers, time with drag queens and lots more, “All Alone in a Sea of Love” is my answer to movies like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Runaway Bride,” “About a Boy,” and so many other favorite movies.

I hope you’ll check it out.

And thank you Zahra for this opportunity. I met this wonderful charming lady in New York at a Dreamspinner Press workshop and was instantly enchanted. What a lovely sweet lady! Charming charming charming. And she brought tears to my eyes when she said that I was charming. Thank you Zahra! Thanks for everything.

And for those interested, you can find “All Alone in a Sea of Love,” at Dreamspinner Press’s website.
You can find the ebook here and the paperback here

Special note! The first twenty people to order the paperback get autographed copies. Being who I am, I did more than autograph. I did a little tiny piece of original art for each and every one. Maybe you’ll get one?

HUGS and Namasté,
BG Thomas

B.G.Thomas Portrait
B.G. Thomas lives in Kansas City with his husband of over well over a decade and their fabulous little dog, Sarah Jane. He sees his wonderful daughter just often enough to miss her when she isn’t there. He has a romantic soul and is extraordinarily lucky to have many friends.

He loves romance, science fiction & fantasy, humor, Westerns, horror, and more. He has gone to fan-fun conventions his entire adult life, and been lucky enough to meet many of his favorite writers including Isaac Asimov, Connie Willis, Anne Rice, Augusten Burroughs, Larry Niven, Andrew Grey and many more.

He has written all his life, it is where he finds his joy. In the 90’s, he wrote for gay magazines, but stopped because they wanted him to cut out the story and romance, and write only sex.

Then through a few friends, he discovered the growing market of M/M Romance and was thrilled beyond words. FINALLY, a way to write the stories he always wanted to write. Adventure, romantic comedy, Westerns, fantasy, science fiction, and more, but with gay characters. And he wouldn’t have to fade to black! People wanted to read the erotic as well. Plot and sex! HURRAY!

BG Thomas very much believes in The Law of Attraction and that “thoughts become things.” A lot started happening for him all at once. He heard the words, “Leap, and the net will appear,” and some fire re-kindled inside. He sent out a story and was overjoyed when it was almost immediately accepted.

He believes that we are Divine expressions of the Universe, each and every one. “It is never too late!” he states. “Pursue your dreams! They will come true!”
Visit his web site or his blog or contact him directly at bgthomaswriter@aol.co

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